Warner Brothers produced a movie in 1940 titled, "Knute Rockne — All American," depicting the careeer of the legendary Notre Dame football coach. Devoted to his adopted land, Rockne was, indeed, fully an American. Yet, this native of Norway, imbued with Norwegian characteristics — including inventiveness (he revamped the sport of football) — was also fully Norwegian. One is reminded of Sir Winston Churchill balking at a statue of him with one foot on the American Continent and one on the European Continent. He protested that he had both feet firmly planted on both continents. Rockne was a 100% American and a 100% Norwegian. That's an arithmetical impossibility, but in practical terms, is an accurate description of the greatest figure in American football history, born in Voss, Norway.

Below are links to information on this all-American, all-Norwegian wonder.

The Unofficial Homepage of Knute K. Rockne

There is an index to the various and continually growing number of pages on the website. Most of the information relates directly to Rockne such as his intruction to football of the "shift" and the "forward pass" and his connection with the Studebaker company. There is a page on "The Four Horsemen" (backfielders Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, James Crowley, and Elmer Layden) and one on George Gipp ("the Gipper.") There's also a page on the movie immortalizing Rockne's pep talk in which he alluded to the Gipper's dying exhortation. There are links to sites relating to Voss, Norway, from which Rockne immigrated at the age of 5. The website is presented by Birger Rokne, a lifelong resident of Voss and a distant relative of the man born Knut Rokne. Be sure to read the author's touching account of his trip to the U.S., "In the footsteps of Knute Rockne." This is by far the most comprehensive source of information on Rockne on the web.

Official Site of Knute Rockne

Features an introduction by Rockne's grandson, photo gallery, biography, and obnoxious flashing ads.

Notre Dame Football Memories: Knute Rockne

Biography on the "Notre Dame Official Athletic Site."

Knute Rockne

The "Go Norway" website presents a biography of Rockne capturing his inventiveness and versatility.

Knute Rockne

Offers texts of two speeches, including the "win one for the Gipper" pep talk, accompanied by a still from the movie in which Irishman Pat O'Brien portrayed the Norwegian Rockne. (That's OK -- the Vikings did set up shop in Ireland, and O'Brien was probably a descendant of theirs.) It has photos, including one of Ronald Reagan impersonating George Gipp, and the article in which the reference to the Four Horsemen originated.

Rockne, Knute

Compton Encyclopedia entry on Rockne.

Knute Rockne Biography

Three paragraphs on Rockne from Jim and Judy Head's website.

Knute Rockne -- "The Father of College Football"

Brief biography. The page was created by Rob Suter.

Rockne, Knute Kenneth (1888-1931)

Mini-biography from ThinkQuest.

John Turk's Tribute to Knute Rockne

Thumbnail biography and links.

The Gipper A Lion?
Coaching Legend Knute Rockne Almost Came to Columbia

Article by Ray Robinson on Columbia University's website

A Rockne Road to Covvallis: Oregon State attracted legendary Notre Dame football coach for five summers at the height of his career

Oregon State University Atheletics provides this article by Kip Carlson.

Rockne's name had commercial value, as evidenced by this 1930 ad.

His adopted land paid tribute to Knute Rockne in 1988 with a stamp bearing his name and likeness.

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