Dramatist / Poet

    Winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for Literature. He was Norway's "national poet."



Opera Singer

    Hailed as the "voice of the century," she distinguished herself on the stage and as a recording artist.



    Identification of him as Norway's greatest composer would draw no dissent. Best known for the Peer Gynt Suites and the Piano Concerto in A Minor.




    Considered the father of modern drama. Works include A Doll's House, Peer Gynt, Ghosts, and Hedda Gabler.


(1969 - ) 

    Norway was represented in 1994 at the Olympics at Lillehammer by its atheletes -- and also by its leading vocalist, singing the Winter Olympic Anthem. Her voice is heard in the sound track of the Titanic, and increasingly her recordings are gaining recognition in the United States.


    Instrumental in the development of Expressionism. Most reknown among his masterpieces is "The Scream." (The graphic at the left is taken from a self-portrait.)


Concert Singer


Protégé of Edvard Grieg; introduced his music to North America at Carnegie Hall and across the continent.


(1939 - ) 

    A woman of versatility, she is internationally acclaimed for triumphs in her various pursuits. Best known for her roles in Igmar Bergman's films.



    She wrote of the Middle Ages and she wrote of Norway -- enthralling an international readership in her time, and today. Winner of the 1928 Nobel Prize in literature.


    Co-recipient in 1969 of the first Nobel Prize in Economics. Pioneer in "econometrics."

Economist, Social Commentator

    Wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class and numerous other works; coined the term "conspicuous consumption."

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