In a life that was tragically short, he displayed unparalleled mathematical prowess.



The nephew of economist Thorstein Veblen and the son of a professor of mathematics, he made highly valuable contributions to the fields of differential geometry and topology. He served as president of the International Congress of Mathemeticians.


Awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1972 in connection with his studies of the amino acid sequence. 

(1929 - )


His receipt of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 brought credit to his native land, the Kingdom of Norway, as well as to his adopted land, the U.S.A.    

Physicist / Inventor

His nationality was American; his heritage was Norwegian; his accomplishments in the area of physics were legion. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 1939. 

Chemist, Physicist
(1903-1976 )


Winner of the 1968 Nobel prize in chemistry for a discovery announced by him in 1929, he was a scientist ahead of his time. 

Figure Skater

Won three gold Olympic Medals as an athlete, and the hearts of audiences as a movie star. 

Football Player/Coach

Played for Notre Dame, then became its legendary head coach, serving for 13 years. An innovator, he revolutionized the sport.

Professional Football Player
(1942 - )

    A native of Norway, he changed the game of American football by accentuating kicking gaining a place in the NFL Hall of Fame. 



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