Leifur Eiriksson * Leif Erikson * Leif Ericsson * Leif Eriksson * Leif Erickson * Leiv Eiriksson * Leiv Eriksson

excerpted from an article on Norway's "ODIN" Website

Leif Erikson

a report by a talented high school student, Kevin A. Weitemier

Leif Ericsson, Discoverer of America

from the Embassy of Iceland


Leif Ericsson

The Viking Network

Who Really Discovered America, Eh?

Speech by the late Judge Los Angeles Superior Court Ronald Swearinger
before the Half-Norwegian (on the Mother's Side) American Bar Assn.

Orthodox Christians in North America 1000 Years Ago

Nikodemos Orthodox Publication Society

Leif Ericson: Icelander or Norwegian?

a response to inquiries as to why Leif Ericson is listed as a Norwegian

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