...with Adolphe Menjou in "One in a Million," the 1936 flick (released in 1937) in which the skater made her screen debut.

...with Tyrone Power, co-star of 1937 musical, "Thin Ice" and 1939 musical comedy, "Second Fiddle."

...in a production number in the 1938 film, "My Lucky Star."

...pictured on the cover of sheet music for a song from "My Lucky Star."

...with John Payne in a scene from the 1941 movie, "Sun Valley Serenade."

...with Glenn Miller and John Payne on a poster for "Sun Valley Serenade."

...in a 1945 advertisement for Chesterfield cigarettes. In upper right hand corner is a plug for her latest picture, "It's a Pleasure."

...depicted on a 1937 Ogden Tobacco Co. trading card from a cigarette package.

...featured on the cover of a 1941 program for an ice show.

...appearing on a Hollywood Ice Revue momento.


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