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The Theory of the Leisure Class
Text of Veblen's best known book, from the website of the University of Virginia. Chapter 4 is on "Conspicuous Consumption," a term he coined.

Thorstein Veblen
Brief biography. From a website of Canadian lawyer Peter Landry.

Thorstein Veblen on the Fur Trade and American Indians
Excerpt f
rom Wilbur R. Jacobs' Indians as Ecologists and Other Environmental Themes in American Frontier History. Summarizes Veblen's denunciation of what he saw as an exploitation of the American Indian.

Veblen, T.B.
Brief biography, along with hyperlinks to numerous articles by the economist. From the website of McMaster University in Ontario.

Veblen, Thorstein Bunde
From Encarta, the Microsoft encyclopedia.

Veblen, Thorstein Bunde
Veblen's writings are sized up in three paragraphs excerpted from a book by Mark Blaug.

Veblen, Thorstein: Social Critic, Economist
Brief biography from the website of the University of Wisconsin.

Recent American Thought: Thorstein Veblen
Biography from the website of the Radical Academy

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